World Premiere

2008 (Premiere), 2011, 2014

Maybe the kinkiest play Tennessee Williams ever wrote, I premiered this erotic thriller in 2008, and Olympia Dukakis was so taken by the explosive play that she invited the cast to dinner. 


Jaimi Paige reprised her dazzling performance in 2011 with Matthew Rein at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the Ruskin Theatre Group in Los Angeles, and again in Provincetown at the Tennessee Williams Festival, this time in a hotel room, where the play is set. In 2014, the play was remounted in New Orleans to great acclaim.

Williams wrote Green Eyes in 1970, when the sexual revolution was in full swing and America was experiencing its greatest turmoil since the Civil War. In the play, a crude young couple honeymoon in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The hung-over, liberated bride wakes up naked with bite marks and bruises. How did she get them, and why is there a condom in the toilet? Did he bring home a stripper, or did she sleep with a green-eyed man in their wedding bed? The war-torn Claude, a troubled Vietnam soldier on leave, can only negotiate with violence and booze, and his bride’s story of pure lust ignites their uneasy truce into flames. A violent, 25-minute rollercoaster, rough sex teeters on a thin edge with a kind of spiritual awakening.


Costumes | Clare Brauch

Sound  | Katharine Horowitz

Direction & Design | Jef Hall-Flavin

2008 CAST

Girl | Jaimi Paige

Boy | Mike Rasmussen

Waiter | Latez Crawley

2011 CAST (Provincetown)

Girl | Jaimi Paige

Boy | Matthew Rein

Waiter | Latez Crawley

Couple | Lynda Sturner-Traum, Steve Levitt

2011 CAST (Minnesota)

Girl | Jaimi Paige

Boy | Matthew Rein

Waiter | Ezekial Ashamu

2014 CAST (New Orleans)

Girl | Jaimi Paige

Boy | Matthew Rein

Waiter | Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Couple | Jane Macdonald, Jules Paris Vetter



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