in association with The Shakespeare Theatre


In a collaboration between the Kennedy Center and the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC, I adapted Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It for young audiences. *

The play begins with a facilitator from the theatre giving a workshop on Shakespeare, with the help of six actors. Soon, a large piece of parchment flutters from heaven onto the stage; it's the "seven ages of man" speech. As the workshop leader reads the speech, the backdrop falls, revealing a rack of costumes as the actors join in, "improvising" As You Like It... an hour goes by and they've basically performed the whole thing: using Shakespeare's words.

This adaptation is for ages 10+ and lasts just over an hour. The sacrificial lamb is Touchstone, but the complex love story between Orlando and Rosalind is preserved (with country bumpkins Phebe and Silvius as counterpoint). Sardonic Jaques also remains, as does the nasty feud between the two Dukes. This production proved to me that young people can understand Shakespeare much better than we think.


Scenery | James Kronzer

Costumes | Cynthia Thom

Lighting | Colin Bills

Sound | Kevin Hill

Music | Jesse Terrill

Props | Chester Hardison

Direction | Jef Hall-Flavin


Rosalind/Ganymede | Erika Rose

Celia/Aliena | Jenna Sokolowski

Orlando | Allan Care

Dukes/Jaques/Adam/Corin | James Beaman

Oliver/1st Lord | Daniel Harray

Phebe/LeBeau | Cheryl Resor

Charles/2nd Lord/Silvius | Tony Simione

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in producing this adaptation



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